Devasia Mullakara Sir

Devasiya Mullakkara who is a retired high school teacher, while leading a worship filled life in the developing new charismatic of Catholics, Holy Spirit helped him to rise up to a deeper study of Bible. And then when it was asked by the holy spirit whether he wants the a worship filled life or he needs the respect of the lakhs of people for which he answered he wants the first.

Lord himself gave birth to CHURCH OF ETERNITY a Christian fellowship in 2008, which is currently being actively conducted in many of the gulf regions outside India, and in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Delhi, and such varied states and in many parts of Kerala. God has been gracious enough to start of the roots in America and Canada.

In different varied fellowships, it is being taught that coming to Christ through the Bible, being filled with Holy Spirit, worshipping Jehovah, and loving the fellow brother, eternity is surely acquirable, praying with faith to heal the devil possessed, critically ill patients, depressed, and they will be given peace and deliverance all these are testified and in faith is in Christ.

As per the gospel, repentance and being born again, anointment by the Holy Spirit, bible based life , holiness in life, when all these above are given importance , it is for sure that when Christ comes again when ever be it , we will not be forsaken, as how apostles in Christ’s life is difficult in this earth we too will have many tribulations when we live as per the gospel we should not get panicked by them and should live filled with the Holy Spirit, and this what is being preached when moving towards eternity as a goal.