Healed of all sickness


I Sukumaran residing at Thiruvalla. I started to rejoice my life only after knowing God. The peace and blessings I received from HIM is beyond explanation. Before we came to know God we were in depression and sickness. We did not even have a home.It was at that time of turmoil we came to know about Athmaabishekam Fellowship of Devasia Mulakkara which is at Thiruvalla. We started attending the prayer meeting of Sir. We were praying for a home for 5 year. Miraculously last year we received a beautiful home from our Lord who hears the prayers which is beyond our expectation. Not only that, just before three months my heart was weak, I also had urine infection and I had severe problems due to less blood flow in my legs. We went to Ernakulam Amritha Hospital.  Though the doctors asked us to get admitted, we returned home with medicines  trusting in the Lord. After coming here in the midst of Sir’s prayer we were completely healed of our sickness.

Ph: 9746364328.