Outstanding live healing

Let me write about this great blessing the Lord has done in my life for His Honour and Glory. One day when I fell on my elbow, my hand wrist was twisted and bone was broken. When I went to the hospital doctor put a temporary plaster and then inserted 6 nails of 3 inched through an operation. Since these nails were harmful for my body, two of them were removed after 15 days. Rest of the four were inside my body.

During that time I attended a meeting of Devassia Mullakara Sir at Ernakulam Palarivatom Church and asked if there is anyone here with steel plates or nails. I got up and Sir prayed for me. After prayer Sir said you do not need doctors help to remove these nails and everything is possible through prayers. So while Sir was praying I removed the nails by myself with blessings of Jesus who’s the doctor’s doctor.

After that I have not gone to hospital and my hand has no issues. I pray that the Lord will bless Sir and team with many divine gifts and use mightly to pour out Christ to many lives. I glorify the Lord who had blessed greatly. With great shout I will praise him… and there is no saviour like him.
Lovely, Coimbatore. 9496295584