Supernatural healing

My Name is Benny. I live in Natuvil, near Mandalath which is in Kannur district. I experience that my Jesus is alive even today through this life testimony. Before 15 days while I was going to rubber field to cut the plant, I slipped and fell down and broke my leg. I was admitted in the Thaliparambu Hospital for 6 days. After that my legs were plastered and I was taken home with weights at my leg. I was asked by the doctor to be on rest for 3 months. During that time I came to know about the Devasiya Mullakara Sir’s bible ministry at Pulingom Vachanashramam, near Cherupuzha Kanoor, who has been used mightily though divine gifts both in India and outside.

I believed that this was arrange by God for me. I believed that if I attend this devotional retreat I would get an immediate healing and I need not go through the 3 months rest suggested by the doctors. Sir was divinely inspired and came to the place where I am sitting and enquired of the details. After that I was taken and seated on the stage by the help of every one. Sir prayed for me, and on the spot my plaster was cut off and I started walking immediately. Then I understood that the Lord who did the miracles in the first century still does the same. I pray that those who read this should not miss to know this Lord. Lords love is wonderful… and how sweet is His love.

Benny- Mandalam, Kannur